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In Fitness and In Health

Cory McKane

In Fitness and In Health is a podcast that interviews industry experts from Fitness Tech CEOs, celebrity personal trainers, famous chefs, nutrition experts, and so much more! The show is hosted by Cory McKane, who has interviewed such people as Dan Uyemura - The founder of the gym software PushPress, Casey Danford - the creator of the Training Mask, and so many more incredible individuals. We provide an inside look into what it takes to build and grow fitness brands, how to establish a training business, and what the fitness industry truly looks like from the top. Our goal is to help you grow your fitness or wellness business and help you live a healthier, happier, stronger, fitter, and an overall better life. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app and be sure to tune in at 8 am Pacific time every Monday for exciting new episodes.